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Employment and physical activity in the U.S.

Domelen, D.R. van, Koster, A., Caserotti, P., Brychta, R.J., Chen, K.Y., McClain, J., ... Harris, T.B. (2011). Employment and physical activity in the U.S..

Background: Physical inactivity is a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and other chronic diseases that are increasingly prevalent in the U.S. and worldwide. Time at work represents a major portion of the day for employed people. Purpose: To determine how employment status (full-time, part-time, or not employed) and job type (active or sedentary) are related to daily physical activity levels in American adults.

Uitgever(s): Elsevier Inc.,


Employment and physical activity in the U.S.

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D.R. van Domelen
Annemarie Koster
P. Caserotti
R.J. Brychta
K.Y. Chen
J. McClain
Richard Troiano
David Berrigan
Tamara Harris

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