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FIFPro black book

Eastern Europe

the problems professional footballers encounter


FIFPro, PFA Scotland, & SPINS Slovenia (2012). FIFPro black book: Eastern Europe, the problems professional footballers encounter, research. Hoofddorp: FIFPro Services BV.

Professional football in Eastern Europe is struggling, with a terrifying lack of respect for the rights of professional players. That is the main conclusion that FIFPro reaches from the study that the worldwide trade union, for professional footballers, had carried out by its own Task Force Eastern Europe. The Black Book Eastern Europe, produced by this work group, has given FIFPro confirmation that there is an urgent need to improve the legal position of professional players in Eastern Europe.

Uitgever(s): FIFPro Services BV,


FIFPro black book : eastern europe : the problems professional footballers encounter : research

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