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Work, play and worship in a leisure-oriented society

Dahl, G. (1972). Work, play and worship in a leisure-oriented society. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg Publishing House.

"Our problem today," says Gordon Dahl, "is that we worship our work, work at our play, and play at our worship." The priorities we place on work, play, and worship - the three vital components of Christian life - have been distorted. Why has this happened? To find the answer Dahl traces the history of Christian attitudes toward work and leisure from biblical times through the Puritan era to our own time. What does the gospel have to do with all this? Dahl proposes a new concept of leisure, one based on the Christian's freedom in Christ. With this freedom as our focal point, we can build a more responsible perspective toward work, play, and worship, and discover a more joyous and abundant life.

Uitgever(s): Augsburg Publishing House,


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Gordon Dahl

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