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Energy efficiency in buildings

sports centres

Energy Efficiency Office (1989). Energy efficiency in buildings: sports centres. London: Energy Efficiency Office.

Energy efficiency in sports centres is important. British sports facilities spend over 500 million pounds on energy each year, and it is estimated that 20 per cent of this is wasted through inefficient energy management (Source: Energy Data Sheet No. 17, The Sports Council). Wasteful buildings, whether poorly designed or badly run, can use much more energy than similar efficient buildings. This booklet is intended for the managers of sports centres, leisure centres, swimming pools and sports clubs. However, it should also be of assistance to energy managers within local authorities who have responsibility for the energy used in public sports buildings. Valuable savings will be achieved by carrying out the steps shown here, releasing money which can contribute to providing competitive prices for the use of the sports facility.

Uitgever(s): Energy Efficiency Office,


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Energy Efficiency Office

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