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2021 2nd Physical activity almanac
Uitgever(s): International Society for Physical Activity and Public Health (ISPAH)
2019 Objectively measured physical activity, sedentary behaviour and all-cause mortality in older men
2019 Dose-response associations between accelerometry measured physical activity and sedentary time and all cause mortality
2019 Towards better evidence-informed global action: lessons learnt from the Lancet series and recent developments in physical activity and public health
2018 Is the time right for quantitative public health guidelines on sitting?
2016 Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality?
Uitgever(s): Elsevier
2012 Sedentary behaviour and life expectancy in the USA
2012 Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide
Uitgever(s): Elsevier
2012 Leisure time physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity and mortality
2012 Physical activity
Uitgever(s): Elsevier
2011 Quantity and quality of exercise for developing and maintaining cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, and neuromotor fitness in apparently healthy adults
Uitgever(s): American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
2007 Physical activity and public health
Uitgever(s): ACSM